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AFTERCARE Instructions


  1. DO NOTHING You will be given a protective film placed over your tattoo. That film is to be left on for 3 DAYS. DO NOT REMOVE IT.

  2. After the 3 DAYS of the protective film. remove the film (preferably in the shower) and wash THOROUGHLY with ANTIBACTERIAL soap.

  3. Use the ANTIBACTERIAL soap for 3 weeks until fully healed. DO NOT use any body wash on the tattoo.

  4. When washing, let the tattoo air dry. Than apply a SMALL amount of UNSCENTED LOTION to keep the tattoo moistened. DO NOT OVER APPLY. if the tattoo is SHINY or CAKED with lotion, you applied too much.

  5. Continue this process 3 TIMES A DAY for 3 Weeks until the tattoo is fully healed.

Your tattoo will go through a healing stage, where for the first 3 days, the access ink and plasma will appear on the inside of the protective film. That will come off with the bandage allowing for a fresh tattoo underneath. If you have leakage or an access of fluid buildup within the film in the 3 day timeframe, please remove the film and complete STEP 2 and below. ALL TATTOOS HEAL DIFFERENTLY. NO POOLS, SAUNAS, OR HOT TUBS FOR A MINIMUM OF 3 WEEKS. There will be differences in how your tattoo will heal, this is just a GUIDELINE. 


The information given is specific to ANOMALINK LLC locations. Every shop has a different healing process. Please listen to the guidelines and instructions given by your ANOMALINK artist and employee.

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